Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lonely place this world

Hello folks loneliness in this crowded world how can this be. I  found myself in that bottomless pit Found myself  with one fractured leg with two torn ligaments and the other leg with one torn ligament ouch couldn't walk on my own for at least ten weeks' Yes life sucked for old Jamerson Everyone wouldn't help almost lost my home my job friends disappeared  real fast. But I found a few new ones around me that I never noticed. Look around you who is real who is not. Well enough boo hoo ing I got back up bought my place thanks for being a miser all my life went back to work lost 35 pounds and still losing more every day. The sun is shinning once again so I thought. Seems the only real friendly people are the ones who would like to have a hand in your pocket. Like a famous comedian once said (Tell me if I lie.)  Hee Time to get in the old Merkaba and ride haha I'm serious really see its a way of meditating picture yourself inside a triangle and another triangle around you also but upside down now picture them both spinning two different directions at the same time.  Good yes I know I'm cracked  now listen run an imaginary cord from your heart chakra to your third eye and let the love flow. See the trick is raising your vibration from the lower chakras use your heart to forgive every bad thing that has happened to you in this life it hurts like hell I know but listen it is not real it is yourself fighting with the ego to not merge back with yourself. Mankind has twisted this one simple truth we are never alone we are creators very powerful ones indeed we are one with every thing but this loniliness is just a illusion of being separated from God the Great Spirit when you fight others you fight yourself. Like I told my six year old grand daughter one morning she is a little drama queen at times hee she was having a bad morning so I said use your happy powers hee she gave me a funny look crazy old grand pa any way never triy to reason with a little one but some times they listen I went on to tell her you never see me upset and I usually always have money. See little Guilianna I'm smarter I know how to use my happy powers and not let what other people ruin my day.  Because i'm smarter then that I laughed when she smiled and laughed  
 She went through the rest of the morning with that silly grin. Ok knock it off that's enough haha of course I didn't say that. Learn to be the master of your emotions your  happiness. and things will come your way in the most profound ways that you can imagine. But you have to work at it hers only lasted for a day hee. Thats kids for ya Well now look at the time you see folks try changing your world from the inside out trust me on this. Have a great day wishing you all well  Your friend Jamerson Rising

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello folks long time no see this  Indian is getting old having trouble walking Like my friend from the the Dakotas used to say and I quote I aint scared I was talking to another friend of mine who at times is a little too serious. Hee you know the types Well they always try to get me to talk about aliens hee if they only knew. Then from out of the blue he asked me about the rapture and the people that were to be taken before the end and how some people believed it to happen years ago I don't have the dates handy forgive me it's the middle of the night up here in the Rockies. Oh let the games begin with a little bit of truth I said that already happened he looked at me puzzled what I said yea remember them phoenix lights a few years back hee he said know whats that I said an alien ship crossed over the city and a lot of people seen it he said noway I said yes way look it up on the internet so he did and I watched his eyes get real big and a tint of fear in them. I decided then and there to have some fun I'm kinda crazy like that I told him what do you think was on that ship that was so big and that's one of the smaller ones mind you. He said I don't know what. I said people this was one of many trips to take the worthy souls off this planet and all you people who in your arrogance thought you would be the the ones to go ha. You see this dimension shifted into a fifth dimension we didn't even feel it those that are spiritually dead didn't. We that are left will help the others transition to a new earth or move on to the new earth this has never been done before he was like wow. Yea I know I'm just a crazy old man now. I didn.t tell him this but I had what I call the shinning people visit me before and lose of time heck one time I ended up back home in theses Rockies when I was in Texas talk about a wish come true and the FBI found me some time later and told me to keep my mouth shut about it Well getting old don.t care any more. Been through so many lifetimes I look forward to the change and the next journey up the vibration ladder we all must climb to get out of the pit hee sorry dimension. I was in northern Germany One cold winter on patrol and I saw a little man looking at me looked like a gnome I heard in my head there he is like I heard the trees do at me so many times when out walking and I pass by them crazy huh. This world has many wonders people think they are it when this vast universe holds so many secrets. I aint scared I will die with a smile knowing I will be free when I go and I will go back home An angel took me there once a very beautiful place and my people will come out to greet me like they do at times we are not alone don't worry you won't die alone. Just the evil people should worry when the time comes so be good be happy and full of life and you will be all right this is just and experience your here to help people if you forget this to the greed and evil then you are lost please keep this in mind when you want to be rude or cruel smile and make someone lough instead its a much easier road back then you think.   Well time to go rest now I said enough good to see you all again. You will be all right keep the faith Follow Jesus way if you must thats a good way I know I know him and I will leave that at that. Safe journey Jamerson Rising           

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birds in the night

Hello people I wish you all good health and happiness I have been working so much lately now that I am walking again. I work in the night time and it gets very cold at times garage doors always opening and closing all night long. The birds these little sparrows have lived in this building since it was built they some times are even up at night. creepy on good Friday not a peep out of them like they all disappeared  for the day and night. Well there I was wondering if the the Great Spirit of us all was still strong with me for with being so busy I have gotten away from my walks in the park seeing old trees that I know even the owl that used to come around I haven't seen for awhile or the bat that flew into my face one night he was trying to fly above the buses that were parked in their long rows  and looked like some on trying to open an umbrella. Strange sight anyway back to wondering if my closeness to the almighty was slipping when the birds started squacking at me like I know better so I whistled back like I do when they chirp at me. When suddenly two of my little friends came flying straight down and about a foot from the ground turned upwards and straight at me in perfect unison they flew close to a foot over my shoulders one one each side of my head I could feel the air from their little wings on the sides of my head as they passed me chirpping at me to wake up then that strange feeling of emotion and love came flowing thru me like it has done in the past when I feel really connected to the Great Spirit I yelled out yee hoo as my little bird friends did a circle and perched ahead of me and straight up about ahundred feet above and a few feet straight above me singing away and nodding their little heads at me. I laughed still feeling the glow of spirit and said I know and I did you see there is a force in this world of pure love this life force where we are one with everything  and my little friends where reassuring me not to worry in fact the whole place started singing. there is alot of birds in there I smiled as the sun stared coming up and said a short prayer of thanks and forgive my weakened faith I hear ya Friends never let go the evil men of this world are at it again but the day of reckoning is coming so reach out and stay with the good of this world Jamerson Rising.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh this puzzle

Life is a puzzle. I have been out of work with a leg injury my right knee. Well I'm lots better now. I was trying to figure out how to pay more bills on next to nothing no work no paycheck hee. How fragile this little system of living from paycheck to paycheck can really be! So there I was laying there looking at my end table by my bed there was my rubiks cube which I can do one of those in about 5 minutes. So I picked it up and started twisting the cube this way and that and this was going so slow. I thought maybe I had to much on my mind I thought again well maybe I should meditate and clear my head a bit but I didn't feel like sitting there all empty headed hee no I started this little problem and I mean to fix it and fix it now! So I just went with what I felt was right and there it was all done in 5 minutes. Just like life. I do the top edge first then the middle and then the very bottom edge. How is that like life one might ask. I know I'm nuts but there is an order to the chaos called life. First one must find shelter then food and warmth then transportation. the basic's If your lucky enough to have a job the basics Rent food utility's and transportation you have to get to work you know. Even if it means walking well for awhile there I could only hop hee I was a hoping fool. Days long gone I was homeless yes but I stuck to the basic's and that eventually manifested in many different forms to where I am now starting over just trying to figure rent out. Lucky I had disability insurance but that didn't cover all some vacation time but I owed so much when that hits the bank about half that will be gone at least I still have my job . Well this was a close one being a miser I would almost die before I crack open me lucky pot of gold me lucky charms eh haha. I know not funny. A little patience a landlord with a frowny face hee ah just for a few days I'm the one going to be paying alittle more. Oiy but I did while I was temporary unable to work come up with lots of idea's to cut corners. But folks them little basics are a must the answer's are there and if worse came to worse there are people in this world who can't walk heaven forbid who actually find ways to work and survive. Whats sad is this world produces plenty for every one on a global scale to cloth feed and provide a home home!!! But oh no we have wars and depressions the money spent on the wars alone could of sheltered clothed and fed the entire world but greed and a lack of caring for our fellow man and woman and children keeps us in the dark ages. One saying I heard (this sh...t has got to go!!!!!!) I heard that on a movie (fietgeist) Survival think basics and find away its there in many forms. I wish you all the best of luck hang in there Jamerson Rising

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sometimes its not so bad

Hello folks long time since I been in here I have been out of work for awhile I injured my right knee painful yes almost one year after I blew up my other knee which was much worse. Hey I got a break from all that overtime I was getting and worrying about that budget well I am budgeting just fine in fact like I used too. And losing weight too amazing (whisper) that's kinda why my knees blew up hee. Doing better Thank heavens I had disability insurance so I still have a job. Some times things happen for a reason when your out of work and broke you really get to know your maker up front and personal and who your real friends are! My eyes are open to all of this I found myself again calculating my future with a much better plan first spiritually then healthy then money. Money you say yes money a very important tool these days being a miser I have plenty but I am very reluctant to touch my savings. Still I live like a hermit and help others more than myself and I realize like my legs that have troubled me all my life how easy it is to lose everything over night things change that fast. So stop and take a good look at what you are doing in your life and relationships and look out for number one first because you will find sadly you will be besides the Great Spirit of us all the only one who cares at times. This is an illusion of course we are just caught up in our own little worlds selfish little brats haha but we mean well. The less you have the easier it is to find yourself. But strive to be all you can be and live good having a lot is by no means evil. Its whats in your heart that is evil or good. So I am starting to walk again and seeing the world like I used too before I got greedy and worked way to much. So this turned out for the better no more little drama king here haha My cup is now half full not empty once again folks find that silver lining in your life and go for it. Please don't boo hoo haha but find a better way we humans are masters at creating. So use your creativity and find away. Attitude my dear friends that's the secret. Good luck and never give up on yourselves. Jamerson Rising

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is it getting worse

Hello folks things seem to be getting worse don't they bills and more bills keep pilling up every time one turns around there's another bill. Budget out of control I used to take the bus to work and the light rail too then another bus I about wrecked my health with the lack of sleep I was enduring. I started using my truck more and started resting more. You know sleeping better even helps with burning more calories and that means losing more weight. Eat less spend less work more make more. Hee I'm slowly making a come back but still buried in debt but that mountain is slowly turning into a hill. Where does it end! There has to be a better solution like taxes for instance when I received my refund I should of saved it overtime should strictly go to saving's keep to the forty hours a week budget with saving's with that too. Not easy you say HA! I know trying but it can be done ( mental note) I myself am trying to achieve this and I have not succeeded with this yet. We just need to get better at cutting corners learning to relax and have special times to worry about the budget. I used to pick twice a week to go over my budget when I kept to this I worried less things seemed to flow better. Now everything seems to be happening so fast I simply have forgot to let go and not worry to take out a pen and right problems in one column and solutions in another to save what I can and stick to it. I gave up health to over save but I think perhaps riding the bus one maybe two days a week would help I work four tens so I can manage it. Gas is so expensive I need to meditate more like I used too!!! Yes this one act will really make a difference in your life for it is that quiet place in mind where you will find peace and the answers to all the little problems will seem to pop up like magic. I like hobbies like I play correspondence chess three days per turn or if they are online more moves. I find this helps me refocus and gives my brain a rest from every day problems that I need to put in their place you know a time and place for everything. Well good luck and try to rest more that is the secret not to dwell to much on one thing but to focus on your dreams. Let your mind rest and maybe it really isn't getting so out of control Jamerson Rising

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting closer

Good morning folks Had two advents yesterday I was dreaming for I tend to sleep a few hours before noon this is from years of working graveyard shifts. I talked to a family member her ex had died one of my dreams was about dying I txted hey you still alive when I suddenly found out she was with her ex who just died. I try not to share my day visions with others anymore for time and time again they are so close to whats going on in their lives it creeps them out. I also dreamt I had both my feet removed and was running on artificial feet having trouble with my feet these last three years this concerned me then I dreamt that me and a friend were driving at night in a city bus which I have done often on the way home at night when we went off off the edge of the highway and were falling I remember saying this looks like this is it for us then I woke up. Now how could this be getting closer you say well in my twisted crazy mind years ago I remember looking out of my front window when all of a sudden I bolt of lightning hit straight accross the street from me and I was temporarily blinded by it. See I was thinking about my dream of having no feet wondering if this ment I was losing touch with mother earth for I see so many signs in my life my mind began to wonder. Many times I have asked for a sign and pow there it is I was wondering during a thunderstorm if the almighty was still close to me when suddenly a loud bang and my poor trailer shook my pc went out and the flash was incredible see lightning had hit where the old tree we had removed was because it hung right over my room and if it ever broke back then this room would be flater than a pancake. That bolt was ten feet away from me but I was in my room. I looked up and thought I was just asking that could of killed me except the wall as thin as they are here saved me. You see years agoI was wondering the same thing when things were going rough. this time the answere was alot closer and I doubt I will be asking that one again oiy That was too close becareful for what you ask for in life. Rings true and I know better we are never alone. Jamerson Rising