Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crabby people

Take it easy jeez hee people are cranky lately OMG hee. I was so happy to get out of work the other day talk about stressed out people and I'm one to keep my cool and my sense of humor ha Stiff lip all the way home then I laughed at the whole night golly jee jeepers he My little Guilianna my grand daughter had the right idea see she's at the laugh at everything age. The world could learn a lot from her and my humor gets along great with hers. Natural born happy people gotta love em right.Folks take it easy k. Traffic people in the stores at work the whole world is crabby hee. Lots going on in the world Maybe the end of the world is coming quick on my birthday DEC 21 2012 thanks I really need that in my life haha actually folks there was more a whole lot more dates to the Mayan calender but them Conquistadors and the church the pope and who knows who else destroyed ran off with and hid the rest so take a deep breath it aint over till the fat lady sings hee ok my apologies to well endowed lovely women I have many friends that are a little over weight and I love them all dearly. People relax the year is just getting started. We have lots to do so give them little peopla a great big hug and put bells on them babies shoes and have a great day now ciao Jamerson Rising


Lydia said...

Hello Jamerson,
Just dropping in to say hello!
I'm sure you've been busy on Helium.
Have a wonderful weekend,

jamerson-rising said...

Hi Lydia I've been very sick lately this past week I'm finaly feeling much better. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day